When a dog arrived in their car, they intended to take her to a shelter, but they ended up adopting her instead.


Puppies are beautiful seeds of love found everywhere in the world, so it’s no coincidence that at least one unexpected moment we inadvertently steals our attention.

When Emily Trost and her boyfriend stopped at a service station in Montana, they never imagined that when they returned, a dog would be at the car door , as if offering an invitation to open the door of their hearts. .

The dog is only 7 months old.

Out of the service station shop, they saw the dog sitting next to the car, very close to the door.

At first, the young people thought it was someone else’s pet who was also at the service station , and even asked the store if it was theirs.

But in the meantime if someone showed up saying it belonged to them, they realized how bad it was, it was very dirty, with leaves and a few thorns on the stem .

They named her Montana after the place where she was found.

Only one woman approached and told them that she occasionally feeds stray dogs, the couple saying she begged them to take the dog away .

The young people agreed that they should at least move her to a shelter , so they decided to take her with them, but after a few minutes with the adorable dog, they realized that she had belong to them.

The little dog loves road trips.

The little dog was used to being fed her, but no one had ever stopped to give her a real gesture of love , so when she got into the car, she never imagined that her life would change forever. forever. Emily commented on this:

The morning after we rescued her was the best. He woke up in our tent and started crawling on top of us, moaning and kissing us.

We could tell that she was really surprised that we were still there with her and that no human had probably stayed with her for that long.”

The first days after her rescue, the dog slept a lot, perhaps because she had never rested in a soft bed where she could curl up. She over time began to reveal her happy and playful personality .

Now he gets tons of love and has lots of toys that he spends hours having fun with.

Montana has a beautiful family, she is a happy and grateful dog.

The couple has other puppies at home and fortunately, they all received little Montana very well, now she has the best furry friends and a family that fills her with love and makes her the happiest dog in the world .

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