(Vιdeo) he limped to my cαr, looked аt me wιтн tearful eyes asking ғor һеlρ


Gosha was found by me while waiting for my friend to go shopping, he then limped over to my car, we waited a long time but his owner did not come. It’s been a long journey since then, we’ve healed his wounds together, with each passing day, I realize many things about this little guy’s spirit and desire. He is healthy after months of hard work, besides he has new friends, a new home, and love from everyone for him.

Video at the bottom of the website

Audience comments for the video:

Fati Mah: Those pleading eyes at the beginning, totally broke my heart into pieces. Thank you rescuers & vets.

JULIETTE LUUS: Wow, this woman who rescued this dog, is an absolute angel!

Charlie Brown: How a dog can live each day with constant pain from injuries is excruciating & heartbreaking to think about….but he has spunk & a zest for life! Thank you for your tireless efforts to help him recover. Am glad he’s with you.

quinten putnam: I’m so glad this little guy was able to be nursed back to health and now lives a normal life. This however would not have been possible if it wasn’t for an amazing lady that Heard the call and acted!! Thank you so much for your love and caring it has made all the difference in the world for this little guy. Long happy life to both of you!!!

Ares Marte: Only animals prove their love,even if harmed by humans,they are always willing to give us a second chance .Thank you for your kindness and compassion.☺️

Watch the video here:


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