(Vιdeo) aвαɴdoɴed mоtһеr dσg begged ғor һеlρ ғor hᴇʀ eхһаuѕtеԀ puρρiеѕ aпԀ heartwarming eпԀiпɡ


Gina and her puppies needed help, we were there after the call and that’s when we started our journey. After the trials we went through all of it paid off with a happy ending, Gina has found her happy home and her baby is loved and well cared for.

Video at the bottom of the website

Audience comments for the video:

cryzz0n: The poor mama and her babies she’s trying so hard to protect I can’t believe that people did this to her! Thank you for saving her she deserves to have the best life!

Stu W: I can’t understand how anyone could abandon a mother dog and her puppies. Thank you for rescuing them, giving them a chance of life and homes for mother dog and her pup.

Willie Holland: 💜💟💜Blessings to you and Gina and Aisi and the Angel Puppies. Loving kindness is so needed in this world. Thank You and the vets 🙏

shuk0rina444: i can’t imagine how devastating it must be to see 2 puppies pass away. how terribly sad. i’m happy gina got a new life with a happy family and so did the beautiful baby aisi. i’m happy she survived but also saddened that she had to lose her siblings. i hope they’re resting easily.

Watch the video here:


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