This little boy’s suffering kept him from getting the assistance he so desperately needed.


Thailand is a country where, unfortunately, many animals suffer on the streets . The large number of abandoned dogs means that many of them are exposed to severe injuries or diseases.

Fortunately, a large number of volunteer groups work tirelessly in this country to save as many dogs as possible. Sometimes they succeed, other times each rescue becomes a real challenge.

This puppy was in the middle of a garbage dump

The same thing happened to this sweet little puppy. A group of volunteers on the day of the rescue heard their cries in a dumpster . They were immediately alerted.

They go to the dump where the crying comes from and there, they discover something that really touches their hearts. A scared, painful and motionless puppy right in the middle of this place .

When trying to reach, rescuers noticed the baby’s fear and pain

The reason the puppy can’t support itself is because one of its legs is injured . At first, the rescue team thought it was an accident caused by a car running over, but after a while they discovered the real cause.

The volunteers wanted to take the puppy away as soon as possible to ease its pain, but they had no idea how difficult the task would be. The injury made the dog very irritable, making it almost impossible for it to get close to him .

The pup’s howl, as well as the attempt to bite those who tried to get close, made the task drag on for several minutes.

It wasn’t until after patient work that rescuers were able to get this little animal out of this dangerous and dusty place.

The wound inflicted by an adult dog is noticeable on its shoulder

Upon closer examination, they learned what was really causing the pup so much discomfort. It was an injury to one of his legs caused by the bite of an adult dog .

People who attended this little animal in Thailand were relieved to find that the leg had no signs of infection , so they had managed to come to his aid just in time.

Little by little this little boy began to walk

The little boy was taken to the vet and was soon put into treatment to alleviate his discomfort . Little by little, the boy not only recovered his good spirits, but also his confidence in people.

This puppy may not be in full condition yet, but what is certain is that it is one less animal on the streets of Thailand and that is enough to radically change his life and give him every opportunity to have a happy future. .

And luckily he got used to love and the presence of humans

If you are touched and moved by the help that this puppy received from generous people in Thailand, do not hesitate to replicate these initiatives, sharing them on your social networks.



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