They saved a dog that had been abandoned to the point that more than a kilogram of hair and an eye had to be removed.


There are people who  care for and  protect animals , always wishing for their happiness .  But that did not happen  to a woman in her sixties who  was given a puppy to take care of. When  a UK charity promoting animal rights comes to his rescue, his life is in utter danger due to the negligence of his caretaker .

Jean Simpson, 61, is in charge of the Bichon Frise puppy left behind in the care of a relative, the puppy named Oscar, whose relative never appeared again .

Living in poverty, Jean must call a  charity to support Oscar  because she cannot care for him.

When Inspector Alice Cooper arrived at Jean Simpson’s home in Malton, North Yorks, she was met with a startling sight that left her unusually sad.

Its ears were two large infected clumps of hair , covered  with green, yellow and black dirt, extending  from  the ears to the sides of the face , Cooper said .

You can’t even see Oscar’s eyes

The little animal’s general physical condition was extremely serious.

“One eye is completely skinless and the other eye is covered with a green patch that adheres to the eyeball and surrounding area. Oscar will groan and cry  in pain if you try to stroke or touch him to assess  his condition,” the inspector added.

The animal had to be sedated so that  veterinarians could shave and remove its body hair.

Oscar has bumps on his skin and giant fingernails.

The  work lasted for hours, and when they were finished, the little animal weighed more than a kilogram after the haircut .

“The vet said he believes it will take Oscar about two years to finish in that state ,  and his ear and eye infections have been present for six to twelve months ,” said Alice Cooper . speak .

The  saddest part was when the vets had to gouge out one of his eyes.  The tangled fur  that completely covered one eye caused permanent damage to his eyeball,  leaving him  blind .

The other eye is also infected and will need  medication for the rest of his life . The skin was sore , 17 badly damaged teeth had to be extracted .

Jean  pleaded guilty  in York Magistrates Court on  October 8, to  causing suffering to  a helpless animal. She was deprived of her liberty for twelve weeks and deprived of her animal custody indefinitely. 

If the woman sought help in time, all this damage to the puppy would have been avoided.

For the past three years, he had been with her and made no attempt to seek help.

Oscar has been moved to another place, today he is really good  with his new family  who always love and support him in everything .

Now, the beautiful  pup  gets to enjoy things he hasn’t been able to for a long time  . Take advantage of the fur, you deserve this new life!

Please share this beautiful and dramatic story with your friends and acquaintances, so that we value animals as sentient beings and suffer as much as any of us .



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