They saved a bulldog whose critical health condition means he won’t make it through another day on the streets.


Despite the efforts of various animal welfare organizations and government organizations themselves, there are still many puppies wandering aimlessly on the streets.

They suffer from hunger, thirst, high temperatures and even abuse from passersby.

One problem that doesn’t concern this dog is that for many years it endured the harshest treatment in the world, until a group of people were moved.

His name is Pumkin or Pumpkin, according to the Spanish translation, this boy was rescued from his nightmare by the volunteers of Harbin SHS , who found him on the boulevard and decided to intended to take him off the streets to give him a better life.

It’s true that in any rescue, the people who found him decided to take him to the vet because his skin looked pretty bad.

The doctor assumed that Pumpkin had severe scabies, which caused her skin to become severely infected. In addition, the dog had a body temperature that was so low that it was not indicated on the thermometer. At that time, he was close to death.

The vet confirmed that he probably would not have lived another day on the streets, had it not been for the people who took pity on his serious condition.

To save him, the doctors gave him antibiotics, some analgesics to calm his pain and an intravenous fluid because he was really weak. They also gave him warm saline intravenously to help raise his body temperature.

When they found him, Pumpkin was feeding on a pile of dry leaves on the ground and that’s why they named him Pumpkin.

Before the medications, Pumpkin’s body reacted with a feverish picture; however, the boy made it through the night. The vet commented that he was possibly also having a flu episode but that he would recover.

After this came the most complicated part of his recovery: the doctors began to treat his advanced scabies.

For this, it was necessary to remove the entire scaly part of his body, which was nothing more than dead skin due to the infection. Poor Pumkin looked more like a baby hippo than a puppy, due to his pink appearance, but all of this was strictly necessary to bring about his recovery.

After this, the dog began to recover energy and received some food.

The dog received his medicinal baths and little by little he was able to recover. Volunteers found a family for him in Los Angeles, California.

Now that they’ve named him Kennedy and he lives in his human mother’s ankles, he also enjoys walking to the beach in his perfectly healthy skin. Life finally smiled at this creature who suffered a lot on the streets and all thanks to the people who one day decided to help him.

Please share this rescue and help us inspire other spirits who are willing to save a small animal’s life. Together, we can make the world a kinder place for them!



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