The world is moved by an unknown hero who puts his life in danger during a rally for a dog.


The political crisis that some Latin American countries are experiencing seems to have reached Chile, which until recently was considered the most powerful country in the region. After days of violent protests in different cities, and which have claimed the lives of dozens of people, a moving story, arising from the rubble and ruins left by the clashes , will make We look at this reality from a different angle: it is unconditional love between two beings .

Amid the bloody protests conducted by Chilean society to express discontent with the current authorities in the streets, a puppy was caught between violent jets of water, tear gas and stones thrown by people and exchange blocking force.

Homeless dogs also seem to have taken to the streets to protest

However, despite the fact that people want to clarify their views and speak up to protect their rights, there are still miraculous characters who are always interested in the health and happiness of animals , even in the midst of this era. chaotic and endless. taking into account the possible risk to their own integrity.

A young protester, realizing the situation the poor animal was in and without thinking twice, took it in his arms and fled with it in search of a place that could keep them safe from the crowd. angry.

The image of this young man holding a pet dog in his arms has shaken the social network

“When I saw the helpless puppy, I felt the urge to get him out of there and get him to safety no matter what. Nothing else mattered to me at the time,” said the rescuer.

The large amount of tear gas emanating from the bombs disoriented the poor little animal who did not know where he should go, however, he was at the right time and place to meet the guardian angel who was able to put his own life in danger to save him from a tragic end. An unsung hero .

In fact, this is not the only case of animals rescued from death by this type of action that are still taking their course in Chile. There are hundreds of street dogs that have been provided with water, food and shelter by the young protesters who take care of them as if they were their family. Bravo for them!

“We are always aware of defenseless animals because we are not the government, we care about their lives,” commented one of the protesters.

Dogs are animals that have accompanied us for many years until achieving the solid relationship that unites us now. When a canine friend enters our lives , our vital tone is raised , more positive and more relaxed . They become a fundamental part of our daily life .

That is why, even if they are from the street and do not have a human to watch over their well-being, we must emulate this brave young man and do the impossible to protect our unconditional furry friends as if they were our own.

Share this beautiful story of dedication, empathy and solidarity with your loved ones and raise awareness, the problem is simple: dogs don’t go out because they want to. They were left there by those who were supposed to protect them. They didn’t break the garbage bags to annoy us, but because they were hungry, weird!



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