Stray Dog Waits To Get On The Subway And Passengers Are Amazed By This Adorable Dog


Every time we see a puppy on the street, true animal lovers will always want to pet them.

Although this encounter could be because the furry one is enjoying a walk in the company of his owner, or a more daunting scenario when he is abandoned, there are slightly more extraordinary cases that confirm once again how intelligent and skillful our dogs can be. four-legged friends

Boji, the adventurous puppy who travels on public transport in Istanbul


And it is that although we can hear many stories of puppies, rarely can we think that they like to travel alone.

This is the story of Boji, a furry boy who has found the true pleasure of life traveling on public transport.

The case occurred in Istanbul, Turkey, where a stray dog uses different types of public transport to travel throughout the city.

It didn’t take long for Boji’s routine to become apparent among public transport users.

And of course, if it is an extremely intelligent dog that has earned the admiration and respect of all the locals by safely and independently using the subway, the tramway, the railway and even the ferry.

The funny thing about it is that Boji seems to know exactly where he is going every time he gets on or off the train.

Know the rules of public transport, give way to disembarking passengers, wait behind the boarding line, and enter the train as soon as you understand that the entrance is free for your entry.

Although this beautiful ball of fur does not have a single family that looks after her well-being, she has the support of all the workers of the public transport department.

And, of course, from the users who fill it with pampering and do not stop talking about the puppy that knows how to get around on public transport.

Depending on the weather, Boji waits on the terrace if the day is cool, or enters the station if it is cold or rainy, no matter where he is, he will always be contemplated and admired by those who look at him with love.

It is enough for users to see him on board so that they can take some pictures of him and want to pamper the puppy who unwittingly became a local celebrity.

The underground train area is known as a bogie, in railway terminology, and bogie translates as boji in Turkish.

Fortunately, the Istanbul Municipality decided to put a tracker on him not only to record how far he travels daily but also to know where he is.

Aylin Eron, Istanbul Metro staff commented on this:

“Two months ago we noticed a dog trying to use our trams, subways and trains and it knew where to go and where to get out. And he was really an interesting patron. It’s kind of weird so he knows where to go and he has a purpose.”

After analyzing the chip, it was determined that Boji visits around 29 stops a day, covering a distance of 30 kilometers per day. They also discovered that the M4 line is the puppy’s favorite.

This adventurous little dog was recently taken to the veterinary clinic and the examination revealed that he had already been spayed.

Apparently, at some point he had someone who watched over his well-being. Chris McGrath, who has photographed the pup on several occasions, commented:

“He’s a free spirit. All he wants to do is ride the means of transportation. Every time you pass a bus, a van or any other form of transportation, you just want to get on it. It’s really weird.”

Today Boji is still the darling of all means of transport in Istanbul. Fortunately, he has an entire community that cares for him and is committed to seeing him healthy and happy.

An adventurous and free-spirited puppy who has conquered the hearts of an entire nation. Long life and health to Boji!



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