Puppy Refuses To Face Mom After She Reprimanded Him For A Prank


Even if they don’t speak the same language as us, there is no doubt that dogs are capable of understanding us. Whether by the tone of voice or by our gestures, they know very well when their owners are angry and even more so if they have been the cause of the annoyance.

It is at that moment when they know very well how to convince us of their repentance and bring out their best artistic skills.

What doggy hasn’t made its best repentant face to its owner at some time?

This time a girl named Majo Arrascue shared the theatrics that her furry friend puts on every time it’s time to call his attention. Although the puppy is usually calm, there are times when he surprises his owner with some mischief and it seems that in the recording something of this kind had happened.

In the corner of a room and without showing his face to the girl, the little dog hides ashamed of what had happened.

The poor thing felt guilty and didn’t want his human to scold him anymore, so he had no choice but to show.

“Look, look what you’ve done,” the young girl insists as she holds the pieces of some plant in a litter scoop. It seems that the little dog destroyed a small plant in the house but he doesn’t want to turn around, much less take responsibility.

He knows he behaved badly but he can’t stand his owner judging him in this way and raising his voice. In fact, although many laughed at the publication of the video, there were those who showed their rejection for something they called “abuse”.

“The nervousness of the puppy shows that he is scared, surely they treat him badly,” wrote one user.

However, many came out to refute him because those who have a hound at home know perfectly well the attitude they take when they know they have done something wrong. In fact, in the recording, the young woman can be heard laughing while questioning the dog.

But this one doesn’t even give her face.

It seems that Firulais understands perfectly what has happened and that is why more than one cybernaut did not miss the opportunity to joke about the video.

“Yes, I already destroyed it and I saw how it looked like what else am I going to watch? Hahahaha,” wrote Carlina ST496.

While a young woman named Jessica argued in a sarcastic tone, “You can’t question him without his lawyer present .”

Although the girl insists him, if there is one thing that is clear to us is that this hairy guy will never admit his guilt. In fact, Majo even hits him with the shovel gently to make him turn his face but Firulais looks like a statue in front of the wall.

In the few seconds that the recording lasts, we can’t even see his face, much less his guilty eyes.

There is no doubt that he is responsible for the disaster on the shovel, because every lieutenant of bloodhounds knows perfectly well this act of denial.

The funny thing here is the reaction of the little dog who, like a scolded child, goes to the punishment corner and stares at the wall. He doesn’t want to face his mother, but he is not a common dog that hides under the bed when he does something, no!

This furry one has a more original repentance ritual.

And this is how he transforms mom’s anger into a funny moment that makes her laugh and leads her to post the video on her social networks. If we interpret it this way, perhaps it is worth saying that this furry is smarter than we think and was able to turn the reprimand into an occasion of laughter and tenderness for everyone.

Well done, Firulais, you’ve been saved from punishment and now mommy will spoil you to look at her.

By: favgalaxy.com


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