Puppy Nicknamed “Mexican Hachicko” Clinging To Owner Rescued


A puppy gives his love and friendship unconditionally, beyond all the prejudices and clichés of society. They simply dedicate themselves to take care of their special humans, as did a noble little furry dog who stayed by his father’s side until he took his last breath of life.

This little dog’s name is Jackson and he loved his human with all his heart.

Sadly there are many people and animals that do not have a home. They live without a roof over their heads and a warm coat to protect them from the inclement weather, they are exposed to many risks and they don’t know if they will have food to sustain them.

But, in the midst of their street situation, the dogs are still the best friends of humans. And the best proof of this was provided by Jackson, a homeless puppy from Mexico City.

He won the hearts of the world with his unconditional devotion.

Jackson is 3 years old, his skin is caramel-colored and he has beautiful crystalline eyes that reflect the purest love that can exist. He lived on the streets of the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood, together with his human, a 60 year old homeless man.

They both walked the streets of Mexico City, they did not have many possessions other than their love and affection for each other; they spent their days comforting and encouraging each other. Until, a few days ago, Jackson’s human passed away.

The exact cause of the homeless man’s death is unknown.

Outside the Metro, at the Candelaria station, the police officers in the area found the man’s limp body; he was no longer breathing, but Jackson continued to offer him his coat, without understanding why he did not wake up.

Forensic authorities arrived and the area was cordoned off. The man’s body was covered with a white blanket, his body rested under it and the police officers tried to remove Jackson from his side.

Jackson was not willing to walk away from his human for anything.

Nothing managed to convince Jackson to part from his human, until the body was lifted from the sidewalk to be removed and properly buried, with the dignity that all living beings deserve.

“The @A_VCarranza rescued a lomito named “Jackson”, he was guarding the body of a homeless man who had passed away in the early hours of this Monday in the vicinity of the Candelaria Metro station,” the authorities communicated on Twitter.

It was then that Jackson realized he was alone, without the person he grew up with and loved.

But, fortunately, he would not be left homeless and would be taken in by the mayor’s office authorities.

It didn’t take long for the noble gesture of this little dog to be made known on social networks. It immediately went viral and earned the appreciation of thousands of Internet users who were willing to give him a home.

“I can adopt him, what requirements are needed?” wrote another person in the publication.

In addition to a home, the Mexican authorities had to make sure Jackson had no health problems; he received veterinary care and was found to be in optimal conditions to join a family.

In just a couple of days, this little furry boy was given the opportunity to be loved and have a home. The mayoress, Evelyn Parra, took care of him and moved him to his new home with a local family.

Jackson is now home, while his happy family is finalizing his adoption process and he is awaiting the completion of all his vaccinations.

He has the most beautiful heart

Jackson was called the “Mexican Hachicko” because of his big heart, and boy, did he earn that recognition by staying faithful.

There is no doubt, we have a lot to learn from animals…Take care of them and remember that inside them dwells the purest and most sincere soul.

By: favgalaxy.com


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