Nori, the canine with the most human-like face who drives internet users nuts


It is often said that pets are like their owners . However, there are situations where this saying exceeds all expectations. That is the case with this story. Kevin and Tiffany, a couple from Seattle, USA, are the parents of a very human puppy that will surprise you.

Nori is the name of the feather in question . This is a cute and beautiful specimen of the Aussieppo breed that has won the hearts of its friends and neighbours. And not only that, it is also discussed a lot on social networks.

What is the reason? Well, Nori, or rather, the face of this cute little dog, bears an enormous resemblance to the expression on a human’s face .

So the sensation that it has caused and continues to cause among the people who come across it, both on the networks and in real life, is not strange.

Both Kevin and Tiffany confess that they are used to people asking on the street where they got such a unique companion . It is already mandatory to make regular stops on Nori’s walks so that people can give him their respective love and praise.

“Hey, don’t you get the feeling that at any moment that puppy can talk to us? If the eyes of these precious animals speak to us, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have one so similar to us close by. It causes him to cuddle a lot, ”commented a surprised Internet user.

Nori has been compared from a very young age to emblematic characters such as Chewbacca or Ewok from Star Wars , because his resemblance to humans is impressive! It seems that you are seeing a nice and good-natured man when you look at his face.

“Wow, a lot of photos of puppies that look like their humans are going viral lately. We have to make a fun album of all the ones we find”, mentioned another astonished Internet user.

It is not the first time that there is news of a puppy with a human face. Just a few months ago, some photos went viral showing Yogi , another furry who looks so much like a person that they have even come to think that it is a montage.

Nori is not the only dog ​​son of Kevin and Tiffany, they also have a shorkie named Boba, the little sister of the “human puppy” .

Animals are as beautiful as they are amazing. They always challenge our imagination with their grace and beauty. Hopefully, just as there are some who resemble us, we can also resemble them, especially in their innocence and fidelity.

Share this funny and unusual story among your family and friends, there is sure to be someone like Nori.



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