Love transforms an abandoned and unhappy Rottweiler into the most beautiful creature.


Letting a pet suffer its fate on the street is almost a judgment for its well-being and happiness. Some are lucky to meet someone on the road to change their lives , many others never get this opportunity.

Tiny is a Rottweiler who was left to make a living on the streets of Taiwan. Before long , the animal suffered a deodectic mange that was really unpleasant and painful .

The animal not only lost all its hair, it also began to show severe injuries . To make matters worse, he was very emaciated.

The shelter that took it upon itself to rescue Tiny from the streets wouldn’t have him with them for long.

It was one of those institutions that has a policy of euthanizing certain pets, and the Rottweiler was no exception.

That’s when Sean McCormarck of The PACK Santuary decided to go looking for Tiny as soon as possible. Before removing the pet, he was warned that he was an extremely aggressive animal , but Sean wanted to check it out for himself. He somehow thought that his irritability could be a consequence of the pain of his injuries.

The first thing Sean did when Tiny arrived at The PACK Santuary was to provide him with the necessary medical care. The dog was depressed and emaciated , but they did not lose hope of moving forward with this delicate case.

The members of the shelter believed that it was a Mastiff when seeing its appearance, but little by little they realized what its breed really was. Leila Pereira, one of the sanctuary’s volunteers, was the first to fall madly in love with Tiny .

Little by little the puppy, who seemed to have given up on life, began to shine and steal the hearts of all the people who accompanied him in his healing process.

Leila, the main interest in him, even moved to a larger apartment to take the dog with her .

Tiny’s transformation was so amazing that the dog’s case was recognized by the RSPCA in Great Britain during the 2014 Ruff Awards, the year the rottweiler was rescued.

He won the award for “Grand Ruffs Champion 2014”, thanks to a unanimous vote that took place online.

Sean couldn’t believe they had won such important recognition. He took the award as an example to all those institutions that rescue dogs and eventually decide to put them down .

As long as an animal feels like fighting, there is no reason to deny them the right to live . The little dog that no one dared to bet 5 years ago has now become a big, strong and happy boy.

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