In his final days, the family’s three youngsters show their devotion for their pet dog.


There are thousands of older puppies who have to spend their last days in a shelter. There they don’t have the warmth of a family and it’s very unlikely that someone wants to adopt an elderly pet. Peanut is a Jack Russell Terrier who has had to go through many ups and downs in her life.

The dog lives in the US state of Illinois.

When she was 8 years old, she went to Save-A-Pet’s shelter and had the uncanny luck of finding the perfect person for her. Unfortunately, her owner soon lost her life and the poor dog had to return to the shelter .

Another family member tried to take care of her but didn’t have the resources or time to do so . At this time, Peanut is 10 years old and his health is really worrying .

Peanut’s owner lost his life two years after adopting her.

He had many dental problems, a possibly cancerous tumor and severe kidney failure .

He only has a few weeks to live . It is unfair and painful to think that a dog that has lost a loving owner has had to spend its final days completely alone . Fortunately, the Burke family came into his life and found a way to change everything .

The Burke family added a dog and two cats.

Jennifer, the mother, is touched by Peanut’s story and wants to help her. However, he doesn’t know if this is the most prudent thing to do as he has 3 young children and sooner or later they have to go through the painful experience of watching Jack Russel lose his life.

“ It was a very difficult experience but the memories and lessons that Peanut has given us are priceless.”

They held a family meeting to explain Peanut’s situation to everyone, and they all made the same decision: they would help her have the last few weeks of her life full of love .

The sweet little dog got along wonderfully with everyone in the house . They had tried not to get too attached to her but she had such a sweet personality that they just couldn’t help it .

“He became a very important presence in our lives. She was quiet and calm but she reached the depths of our hearts.”

As the end drew near, one of the girls wrote a letter with a very special request for her mother: she wanted to throw a going away party for Peanut.

It was a very sad moment but the best thing was to give the dog a day full of joy and love. That same night, Peanut started having a seizure. They understood that the time was drawing near and they began to plan the party .

“We are heartbroken.”

The result was a moving experience. Everyone said goodbye to Peanut and the little ones in the house began to ask their parents about the end of life . It was a very educational and special moment. The beautiful dog managed to leave surrounded by a loving family.

Do not hesitate to share this note to make Peanut’s moving story known. She and the Burke family are an example of love that we should all follow.



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