Bored Of The Owner’s Absence, Receiving A “Smeared” Shirt To Make Up For The Disappointment


There are those who assume that a dog adopted from a shelter, already of a certain age, will never be able to love its new owners like a puppy . If you are one of those people who believe in this, think again after reading this story.

JD is a firefighter and works for the United States Army Reserve. A few years ago, he and his wife Rachel Augment decided to adopt a dog , so they went to a shelter and met Brindle there.

Brindle is a bit sad since JD’s passing

It’s love lightning . The dog was delighted with them and especially with JD, who soon became a favorite of the whole world.

However, things will not be so easy for Brindle, because thanks to JD’s work, he has been deployed abroad and has to be away from home for an indefinite period of time . It’s been over 9 months since this guy left and his dog has done nothing but miss him.

Brindle can’t hide her happiness in this video where she gets a special surprise

Rachel claims that Brindle cares and she gives him all the love and care she can, but that’s not like it. JD’s presence in this dog’s life is definitely irreplaceable and the girl knows it all too well.

Brindle has been a little inconsolable with his master’s long absence. While Xandle, the other dog in the house, misses his master too , but he definitely chose Rachel as his favorite person in the world and can handle JD’s absence better than his partner.

Identifying JD’s scent on the garment, Brindle went wild with excitement.

Thanks to Brindle spending afternoons crying and staring out the front windows of the house at the street, as if waiting for JD’s return, the young man decided to do something to alleviate his pet’s homesickness .

JD sent his dog a gift, which he never imagined would be so well received . It was an unwashed shirt that he mailed home. When Rachel received the package, she immediately handed it over to Brindle.

Xandle and his owner watched as he rubbed against his shirt over and over again

The dog instantly discovered that it was a present for him and got ready to open it excitedly , when he finally discovered what was inside, his reaction was priceless: upon realizing that the shirt belonged to his master and that it had his smell, he he was elated.

He began to rub against the shirt and decided, at that exact moment, that he would never have to leave it again , so the shirt became a permanent companion for Brindle, who felt less of a relief. a little sadness.

Fortunately for this dog, very soon he will be with his owner . JD will be back home shortly and they will meet again.

Now Brindle waits for JD’s return in his shirt all the time

If this touching story touches your heart, as it does to so many others, don’t leave without sharing it.



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