Because he lost his fur while surviving on the streets, no one wants to adopt him.


More and more people are rejecting the idea of ​​buying a puppy and prefer to go to shelters, where thousands of puppies need to be rescued from the difficult days they live on the streets.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who do not manage to find a permanent home and all because they have had a difficult past.

The puppy was rescued in Houston, Texas.

This is the case of a small dog named Dakota . He lives on the streets of Texas and after going through many hardships , he finds some love near an office . The puppy seems to be sick, very hungry and scared .

Despite everything, he is very affectionate with people and knows to thank with cute gestures when they come to give him food.

Dakota was saved with only 11 months to live.

Workers at the scene knew the dog was in serious condition and took to Facebook to ask for help.

SPCA rescuers did not hesitate to contact them. Alaina Rosenblatt saw the footage and by early the next day she was already driving to the office to look for him.

Due to her lack of fur, Dakota must keep warm.

Although he had already seen it, once he had it in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help but be moved by the delicate state in which the puppy was. She took it delicately and carried it towards the shelter. Hours later the vet was explaining to Alaina how affected the puppy’s skin was .

Dakota will have to use drops in her eyes for several years.

He had had scabies, no doubt, but not anymore. However, her skin was extremely wounded by the hard life she had spent on the streets. Ella dakota lost most of her fur from her and it just wasn’t possible to get her to grow it back.

In addition to that, he had many injuries to his eyes , so he began to receive treatment to give the best possible care to his eyes and his skin. As soon as she got to Alaina’s house, her Dakota couldn’t stop shaking .

“Dakota arrived terrified of other dogs and humans, which is normal for a dog that had to go through so much pain.”

Hours later, when night came, he shyly approached Alaina ‘s 11-year-old daughter and fell asleep tenderly on her lap. It’s been a long time and this adorable dog has been rejected time and time again .

Dakota has had to face the pain of seeing other dogs go to their forever homes but he is simply ignored because of his looks .

Dakota has already been waiting eight months to be adopted

The most important thing about a puppy is not its breed, its coat or its appearance . Everyone has a huge heart and deserves a second chance.

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