After Being Ran Over, He Became Paralyzed, But These Angels Didn’t Stop Until He Began To Move.


You may have heard of Animal Aid Unlimited , a rescue organization based in Udaipur, India. This group of volunteers has helped save countless dogs, cats, donkeys and cows .

These animals, most of which were seriously injured, were rescued and moved to a large shelter where they could live well. The work of this animal support group in India is so important that they receive hundreds of calls every day.

This is how this puppy was found in the middle of the street

Some time ago they got one of those calls that you can’t miss a second. It involved a stray dog ​​that was hit by a car . His hind legs were paralyzed, and he was clearly in great pain.

The injured animal was found in the middle of the road in Udaipur, India. As he passed, a car hit him. When rescuers arrived, they found him in the middle of the city center with his hind legs strangely stretched out in front of him.

The little animal was unable to stand or even move without great pain and difficulty. He tried to slither in vain using his front paws from him, so they knew it was imperative to get him out of the danger zone to get a better look at him.

The rescuers carefully approached the frightened dog and began petting it. Once the animal was a little calmer, one of the rescuers tried to put a blanket over his body. The frightened dog tried to run away .The rescuers knew at that moment that they had to be very patient . What they did next was, between caresses and kind words, to gain the trust of the injured puppy. When they were able to safely restrain him, they picked him up and carried him to a car. Georgie, as they decided to call him, was finally safe.

When rescuers returned to her shelter, one of Animal Aid Unlimited’s veterinarians immediately began work on Georgie. The vet said that Georgie had suffered spinal trauma and that she had significant nerve damage. The vet wasn’t sure if the dog would ever walk again.

It was necessary to gain Georgie’s trust before acting

Still, rescuers were determined to do what they could to help Georgie . A physical therapist was brought in to help the pup.

The physical therapist worked diligently with the little dog. Georgie was calm and quiet during his sessions; he seemed to realize that the man was only trying to help him .

Georgie received physical therapy to get ahead

Gradually, the dog’s toes began to curl, and finally he was able to stand up. Then, after weeks of work, Georgie was finally able to walk again!

Now Georgie can run around the shelter with all the other dogs . The little animal, scared before, also loves people now, and always runs to the shelter volunteers and asks them to pet him. Georgie looks like a whole new dog!

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes when nerve damage is detected early and intensive treatment and physical therapy are started immediately, there can be every reason to be hopeful and that’s what happened with Georgie.

When Georgie first arrived at the Animal Aid Unlimited shelter, he was transfixed and terrified of everything and everyone. Now this pup can run as long as he wants, and he loves people!

Georgie’s life has taken an incredible turn thanks to the help of these people

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