A pit bull’s amazing recovery from burns caused by a soldering iron inflicted on him


All of us animal lovers find  it hard to  understand  why  some  people  like  to treat such special creatures so badly. As is the case with an inhuman who has no qualms about venting all his evil on a street pitbull.

A three- month  -old pit bull named Tyler was found in a horrible state by  a man about a week ago in New Jersey  .

One person  present  at  the meeting told him that he had witnessed one disgusting act  towards the  puppy  and another . An unidentified person holding a flashlight attacked the animal’s carcass in the fire,  causing  second-degree burns all over the body .

Tyler’s discoverer recruited him to attempt to cure and care for him. But after a week of trying on his own, he realized the injury was serious.

He took him to Oradell Animal Hospital ,  where they admitted him and on seeing him gave him first aid. Burn wounds must be very well healed . All the dead skin had to be removed, an extremely painful procedure, but the little animal bravely resisted .

The damage inflicted on the dog was of such magnitude that after the healing was done, the treatment for his burns required receiving several plasma transfusions for a significant time  because  he had  lost proteins, which is common  in these cases .

“ Tyler is a victim, yes, but he is also a hero as he speaks to the perseverance and forgiving nature of dogs, particularly pit bulls, who are by far the most abused , exploited and misunderstood breed,” he said. a staff of the animal health center.

After being treated medically, the pup was taken in for care at the Ramapo-Bergen  Animal Shelter  in Oakland while he  recovers .  The information was shared by the shelter staff on social media, but they were kind enough not to show the injuries due to their crudeness.

Tyler has not lost his sweet look despite his suffering

“ We are only sharing footage of Tyler with his wounds wrapped due to the disturbing nature of his injuries. Worse still, her skin is necrotic, which means that she has been suffering from these wounds for some time without medical attention, ” said  a spokesperson for the  Refuge.

It is known that the area where Tyler was found is used for dog fights ,  which are  illegal and inhumane entertainment  for many people, apart from generating profit for those who sponsor it.

The police forces are looking for the culprit to legally assume responsibility for the damage caused to the animal. For now Tyler is on the mend and let’s hope he continues to do so. He deserves a life of games without worries or worries.

Share this dramatic story with all your friends and family. Let us echo the repudiation of mistreatment of animals.

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