A dog battling for his life was discovered under a bridge tied to a bag.


If unconditional love could materialize into something concrete, that thing would take the form of a dog. The hackneyed saying that a dog is “man’s best friend” isn’t free.

With great qualities of loyalty, devotion and nobility they surpass the rest of animals, and sometimes even humans. Every rejected and unfairly treated puppy is a smaller angel in heaven.

This puppy spent several days alone and terrified under the Huánuco bridge, in Rímac, Peru, after being cruelly thrown from the window of a moving car, strapped inside a sack. load, leaving it completely helpless and starving.

Milagros Heredia , a woman who happened to be passing by this place, saw the poor little animal dirty and full of bites , sleeping in the moisture and trying to survive the garbage. So, with the companions of Carlos López , Marcos Calderón ,  Fiorella Yarma  and René Huamán , the group decided to risk their lives to rescue the disgraced pet and give it a new chance at life.

“He was dirty, hungry, cold and full of stings from vultures that wanted to eat him,” the volunteer said.

The rescue was not easy. They didn’t have the tools needed to carry out the maneuver , so at first it was prepared not to. However, seeing the conditions in which the fur was unfortunately found, the rescuers tried their best until they were able to get the puppy out of his prolonged suffering .

The little animal was baptized for Rio and after the miraculous rescue, the urgent and necessary care for its recovery began. Rio is looking for a new family that will give him all the love he had previously brutally rejected . His health has improved significantly and he looks very happy, trying to get back to his loved ones.

“Río has received love therapy, although he is afraid to go out because of the suffering he has to go through when he is abandoned. Today it is fine, it has recovered, it gave its first bark in 20 days (since rescue). I didn’t even work for fifteen days to take care of him and now he has a new temporary family and a new opportunity,” said Milagros Heredia.

Rio, a loyal and loving six-year-old puppy no longer wants to be exposed to danger and loneliness .

Animals that have been treated unfairly by human hands need urgent help, to be rescued, an adoption center where they can be safe and find their final home where they can be. happiness and give the love they carry within.

Adopting or rescuing a dog under these conditions is an act of solidarity and responsibility, as unfair treatment of any creature is a crime punishable by the Penal Code of all countries around the world. punished by imprisonment.

Share this story with your family and friends and help raise awareness of the need to respect and give place to every living thing on Earth in nature.

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